Where are the desktop icons stored in windows 7

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Likman666 says: November 2, 2012 at 1:44 pm Thanks it totally worked peace bootnecksbs says: November 27, 2012 at 6:24 pm I have followed your instructions and can not find the IconCache.db file at all. WinAbility Software says: December 20, 2012 at 2:59 pm paul breeze: try opening Device Manager, do you see the dvice there? If yes, you may need to format it again

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How to change your Windows desktop icons

Before we continue, I will describe what the purpose of each of the Windows desktop icons are so that you can decide whether or not you want them to appear on your desktop. How to install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 Windows Virtual PC is a downloadable add-on to Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise that allows you to run a Windows XP environments from within Windows 7

I also tried using TweakUI and sometimes it worked, but the last time it worked only AFTER a reboot (when the problem existed before and after the reboot). At some point, perhaps after a Paint Shop Pro update, the Adobe Reader icon got replaced by the PSP shortcut, very annoying as both programs are heavily used

But every once in a while upon boot they are moved to the left side of the screen, not sorted alphabetically (which, at least, would have been some help) but in completely random order so it takes unnecessarily long to find what youre looking for

Position of Desktop Icon in Windows – Stack Overflow

I said that it would probably not be too hard to code that, but after a rather long period of time spent googling, I haven’t found out where desktop icon positions are stored

Windows 7 Shortcuts Changing to Default Icon or Disappearing All Together (Network Steve Forum)

Does anyone else here use these programs, or have you installed them immediately prior to having problems? : Winamp 5.572, SereneScreen Dream Aquarium 3, Google Gmail Notifier, Display Fusion 3.1.8 Also, I am using a few gadgets in the Windows Toolbar: All CPU Meter 2.4, Black and Dark Notes 1.0, Google Search Bar 3.0, Winamp Control Free Windows Admin Tool Kit Click here and download it now June 1st, 2010 4:35pm I do not have any of those programs or gadgets installed. The programs are still installed, because I can find them when I use Windows Explorer, but when I click on the Globe and then scroll to ie: MS Office it says that it is empty

Where are the Windows icons stored?

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MS did alway the same and with it they made big mistake, instead of continue development of XP and make from it better funktion like in windows 7 they began from old windows NT, and from it they began to make development.. windows 7 and 8 and vista they had repair on boot to see if there is problem in booting or in hardware, but not like windows xp which allow me to install windows again without loosing programms or any thing.

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To add or remove common desktop icons You can add or remove special Windows desktop icons, including shortcuts to the Computer folder, your personal folder, the Network folder, the Recycle Bin, and Control Panel. Watch this video to learn how to add or delete desktop icons (1:31) Most of the icons you add to your desktop will be shortcuts, but you can also save files or folders to the desktop

Windows 7 Desktop Icons Keep Rearranging – How To Fix Them

This is an option which basically links the icons to a certain part of yourcomputer screen and if this options becomes damaged or corrupted, Windows has been known torearrange the icons on your desktop

Add New Icons to Desktop in Windows 7 – Add Shortcuts and Files

There are many different ways that you can add new icons to desktop display, but certain ways work better in certain situations and will help to prevent any awkward icon dragging. Click the folder for the program that you want to add to your desktop to expand the list of programs within it, right-click the program, click Send To, then click Desktop (create shortcut)

10 Ways to Change or Create Desktop Icons for Windows – wikiHow

Method Six: Remove ShortCut Arrows from Shortcut Icons (Alternate Method) Here’s a method to remove those annoying arrows without downloading any software. Join The Community – collapse Things to Do Write an Article Edit this Article Request a New Article Answer a RequestLogin for more! + expand Places to Visit ForumsCommunity Portal Follow Us On..

How to restore Show Desktop icon in quick launch bar? – Techie Corner

(Name: Show Desktop.scf Type: Windows Explorer Command, 79 bytes) Choosing save makes a new copy of the file; choosing open returns to the same dialog box again. Desktop icon was gone, and when having to minimise 6 windows everytime I wanted to get to the desktop finally started annoying the hell out of me, this little trick solved the prob

Features new to Windows 7 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A new control panel interface, accessible through the “Personalize” context menu item on the desktop, has been introduced which provides the ability to customize and switch between themes, as well as download more themes from Microsoft’s web site. By incorporating the core biometric functionality into the operating system, Microsoft aims to bring biometric device support on par with other classes of devices

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Ballmer unveils broad Microsoft reorganization Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled what he termed is a “far-reaching realignment” of the company designed to help Microsoft innnovate faster and operate in a more coherent and holistic manner as it faces a variety of challenges from rivals big and small. I’m sure I’ll smack my forehead when I learn how to fix this, but does anyone have an idea what he did and how to restore my desktop icons? Tags: Desktop, icons, Windows 7 Topic: Windows Answer this Question Login or register to post answers Permalink Answers 2 total Filter by: Top RatedMost RecentTrusted Voices jimlynch 33 weeks ago Vote Up (10) Here’s an article that has a screenshot that illustrates how to restore your desktop icons in Windows 7

Roaming Profile – Windows 7

If you exceed your profile space, you get an error message: When you click OK to remove the message, the profile icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen changes to white cross in a red circle, (as in the error message). The files that roam with you are stored in two separate areas: In a folder called Profile in your My Documents folder (your personal file store) in your Documents library

Desktop icons position does not remember in windows 7 – Operating Systems

At this point my icons started to behave properly (remembered where they should be) After installing drivers of my choice they still keep beeing in the place i left them. The problem is that whenever I set the position of mine windows desktop icon it remains still until I leave the desktop as soon as i go to the different location or when i restart my computer all the desktop icons leaves their position and becomes sparse everywhere

Windows 7 Icons for XP Free Download

The first modifications that you observe are the desktop icons: My Computer, Internet Explorer, My Documents shortcuts and Recycle Bin receive a brand new look instantly.In addition to this, the icon package contains new folder and drive icons, network connections icons and changes the standard file icons. The pack also includes transparent cursors, but during our tests, we had to install the theme several times before the new cursors appeared.Using IconTweaker, you can customize the theme itself and change the containing Windows 7 icons

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This way even more people can enjoy your posts and nothing beats a big audiance Reply Ralph Berg says: December 2, 2010 at 5:04 am Nice One ! a really useful Tip! Reply steam cleaner reviews says: September 5, 2012 at 9:14 am Thanks i have just applied this on my task sequence Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here… One small challenge I came across recently was giving Standard Users the ability to delete desktop icons that are created during the installation of applications

Download and Install Windows 7 Themes on XP or Windows Vista

These files have a unique .themepack extension which is just another zip format containing all of the elements of a theme including the background images, Aero glass colors, sounds, cursors, icons, screen savers, etc. You can either change the file extension of the Windows 7 theme file from .themepack to .cab and then extract the files with a right-click, or install the free 7-Zip utility as 7-Zip can automatically hand the themepack file format

We do not support or patch other browsers, and unless these are kept up to date by users they can pose a serious security risk and allow your PC to become infected with viruses and malware. Settings stored on the M drive, such as JMU AppPlayer settings and Internet Explorer Favourites, will follow you to other PCs.Windows 7 managed and flexible clients behave in the same way, unlike on XP where managed clients used roaming profiles but flexible clients used local profiles

In this guide today, I will show the basic tips in getting your Windows 7 to do the job it’s meant to do, without harming the performance or making you relearn the desktop experience from the scratch. If your Windows experience stretches beyond one or two Windows latest releases, you will have learned by now that Microsoft people have a nasty habit of rearranging things each time a new edition is launched, making it somewhat difficult for existing users to adapt to new layouts and different notation

Windows 7 hide desktop icons registry – Windows Help Zone

After the stress period (programmed time) our software configure itself to enter in a phase we call Final Tests and in that phase have user interaction. I have gone to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Services and Applications, Services There I have disabled Remote Desktop on three sequential places

How to change Windows 7 Desktop icons

Thanks for leaving a comment and such a good question!!! John Lortz Reply Roger Anderson September 13, 2012 at 5:01 pm I create a desktop shortcut for ESPN Fantasy Footbal. How do I move a folder, full of pictures ( or files) to a different location off the desk top? I know how to move individual files but not the complete folder

The script patches the files responisble for removing the shortcuts only once and only if they exist (so, they won’t error or annoy any other OS users). When there are more than four broken shortcuts on the desktop, the System Maintenance troubleshooter automatically removes all broken shortcuts from the desktop

This happens for a variety of reasons, most commonly any time Windows changes the screen resolution (often for games), when you update your display settings, or when you install a new video card driver. Next, change the Icon Spacing (Vertical) value; use the same number for both the horizontal and vertical measurements, and the result will look pretty good

How to Enable the My Computer Icon on the Windows 7 Desktop

A Brief History of the My Computer Icon Beginning with XP, Microsoft decided to add a link to My Computer in the Start Menu which resulted in two shortcuts to My Computer, one from the Desktop and the other from the Start Menu

lollipopper Newbie Poster 3 posts since Apr 2009 Reputation Points: 10 Solved Threads: 0 Skill Endorsements: 0 4 Years Ago 0 Yeah, it’s NEVER recommended to use 2 AVs at the same time as they will interfere with each other, only causing trouble … jbennet Moderator Team Colleague 18,528 posts since Apr 2005 Reputation Points: 1,826 Solved Threads: 609 Skill Endorsements: 29 4 Years Ago 0 guys, thanks for all your help but my computer seems to be functioning normally

Windows 7 desktop icon size keeps changing – Spiceworks

I didn’t install any anti-virus softwares on my computer for 3 years because I noticed it’s a little bit laggy or so I thought AV softwares are responsible

Desktop positions and folder views not saving

Quote: Originally Posted by MarkAB As for the desktop.ini, where exactly would this be located that I should find? I have hidden files set to be displayed (unless not good enough) … I don’t mean to jump to conclusions, but one topic I read makes me think Windows Update might have broke my desktop icons from saving their positions and possibly folder views

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