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Leonard: Well, maybe you can go at it from a different angle, like, um, you see a glimmer of goodness in him and you only said what you said because you want to nurture it and make it shine. Leonard: How about the toaster oven? Sheldon: What did the toaster oven ever do to you? Leonard: What did I ever do to Jimmy Mullins in the third grade? He still punched me in the face with my own fists

None of the haikus were written by the same person, and in fact, no line was — you know, each line is contributed by a different person at a different — at a different time. So this is called the “Fiction Project.” This is an online space, which is — it’s basically a refurbished message board that encourages collaborative fiction writing

It is telling that, where for the Romans the genitals were veretrum or verecundum (“parts of awe” or “parts of shame”), “in today’s American slang, the genitalia are devalued as ‘junk’”.The only actually taboo language is that of racial insult. Between 1640 and 1660, around the civil war, men might have to swear as many as 10 conflicting oaths of loyalty if they wanted to keep their heads attached to their necks.At the same time, something else was going on: the idea of privacy

So if you want save money, save packaging and become more adventurous in you breakfast meals, go out to your local organic bulk food supplier and start creating your own special breakfast cereal. People started to develop their own recipes and I will give Holy Crap credit for igniting the creativity of these people to try some other products from breakfast rather than the highly processed regular fare

Yiddish Dictionary

Se brent nit!: Don’t get excited! (Lit., It’s not on fire!) Se shtinkt!: It stinks! Se zol dir grihmen in boych!: You should get a stomach cramp! Sh’ gootzim: Plural of shaigetz Sha! (gently said): Please keep quiet. Shlump: Careless dresser, untidy person; as a verb, to idle or lounge around Shlumperdik: Unkempt, sloppy Shmaltz: Grease or fat; (slang) flattery; to sweet talk, overly praise, dramatic Shmaltzy: Sentimental, corny Shmatteh: Rag, anything worthless Shmeis: Bang, wallop Shmek tabik: Nothing of value (Lit., a pinch of snuff) Shmeer: The business; the whole works; to bribe, to coat like butter Shmegegi: Buffoon, idiot, fool Shmeichel: To butter up Schmeikel: To swindle, con, fast-talk

FACT: Alex Jones spreads his populism for MONEY and that populism is against Libertarian movement because under free-market capitalism 1) banks will get their independence and power of sound money back; 2) secret societies will get their secrecy back. Not a big surprise, there, but she says she contacted FBI after seeing pics on TV and she has history back in Russia of people being set up so she wanted evidence of guilt and FBI would not give, etc

As followers of the Church of the Holy Shitters we try to concern ourselves exclusively with matters of the natural world and refrain from delving into issues involving faith-based religious belief but there are occasions when we just have to say something. Although technically illegal to park a scooter on the sidewalk (This very subject was featured in a full-page article in the China Post recently.) that is exactly what everyone does

Holy shit!

* Gives rob a fifty* Because I love ya! Whoa! When when will everybody be mailing this money to me? xLiNdS x 622xOriginally posted by The Tired Hiker Thanks, Linds. Get the hell off the computer TTH Rob Owns YouOriginally posted by shellie Holy hell, tis an fantastic thread Rob…for that…you get a nickel! Yay, this will get me very far in life Spideys SisterI need to do my hair that picture sucks…The Tired HikerOriginally posted by Spideys Sister No I’m black for real…

Where Does the Phrase Holy Moly Come from? The phrase ‘holy moly’ may have come from an avoidance of taking God’s name in vain with the phrase ‘holy mother of God’

There are a few other concessions; the Android app is linked to all other Google apps, so if you’re looking at that movie showtimes card, it can link directly to, say, the Maps app to show you location. Open up Google Now on your iPhone, and you’ll see the weather, how your preferred sports team did last night, whether your Amazon package shipped, how your stocks are doing, when the next train is coming, traffic alerts, reservations you’ve made, upcoming appointments, all that stuff–without you specifically telling the app any of it

The modern history of swearing: Where all the dirtiest words come from – Salon.com

Those willing to leave the car for a bit and foot it would be remiss to neglect day-hiking the White Rim Rocks, Table Rock Overlook, or the rim at Blackwater River Gorge. Outside the requisite lush habitat for fish and wildlife on display, the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area is among the biggest hooks for visitors: offering beach camping with shores pounded by big, cerulean surf

Rolf Heuer, Director General of CERN, replied with a wonderful illustration of how you have to get the right balance between basic science and other spending: If you have one sack of corn, do you eat it or do you plant it? In both cases you are going to starve, to die. Haitian Creole data: After the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, we released the Haitian Creole data that I had been preserving since the end of the Diplomat project, to facilitate public speech and translation work on Haitian Creole

I just wanted to come by and say thanks…This made my morning! 5 years ago Report Abuse by Kevin S Member since: December 27, 2007 Total points: 32,705 (Level 7) Add Contact Block I predict the answer section here will have a high squalor factor. 5 years ago Report Abuse 1 person rated this as good by Steel Rain Member since: April 10, 2006 Total points: 39,604 (Level 7) Add Contact Block Robin used it first when Batman had the trots

The period 1982-1984 marked the most dangerous Soviet-American confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis.” And, of course, there were some cold-eyed realists involved in the whole business. Worse, there were “a lot of crazy people” in the Kremlin and Soviet military command, according to Vitalii Tsygichko, an analyst for the Soviet General Staff who was interviewed by the Pentagon

If there is a wide enough open space between the Druid community and Wiccan to find your balance in between, then why not enjoy both? Why do we need to continue to draw lines around our paths and continually creating divisions? We can simply love one another and enjoy the differences and embrace the similarities. I wonder some times if this is exacerbated for me by my gender identification and sexual orientation, both of which exist as neither this nor that, and at this time, that seems to be applying a lot of pressure to my spirituality, as well

but I was also reading the Bible and there was this part whe Moses went up to get the ten commandments and when he came down the people were praying and dancing before a statue of a golden cow.

In one of my Nutrition Tip Tuesday posts, I talked about the importance of eating some protein to increase energy levels throughout the afternoon and to prevent reaching for the junk food

What categories can you use? the air we breathe the food we eat the water we drink our homes our clothing our sleep our finances, business and employment our health our family our community stability and freedom These are just some of the topics that will grab attention because we place a high value on these things and they have high importance. And the stories they like are about good versus evil, love and romance, happily ever after, the underdog, the rescue, the hero, the mystery, the challenge

Customers are always giving us positive feedback, in fact many of them are coming to us for Holy Crap.” Sandy View Farms “We have been selling Holy Crap and Skinny B in both of our locations since March of 2012

Pretty gross.) 485 Rebecca February 15, 2013 at 1:16 am I once pulled a 6 inch fine blond hair out of my sisters neck, i could see it floating in the sunshine. 86 Bird February 14, 2013 at 12:27 pm I have noticed lately that I have white eyebrow hair (the fuckers point straight out too) and now white eyelashes

Survival Guide to Homelessness: Holy Crap!

Whereas, on the Wilson side of the house it is said we already have the certainty, we know that God created us, and we even claim to know his mind and what he wants of us. I am facing homelessness for a second time and the only place that will take me in as a childless, drug free, alcohol free, overall good person is a religious shelter


A Small Amount Packs a Huge Punch One complete serving of Holy Crap is just 2 tablespoons of cereal mixed with 4 tablespoons of milk, yogurt, almond milk, hemp milk, or rice milk. It is both qualitatively and quantitatively high in complete protein, both soluble and insoluble fibre, as well as anti-oxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin C

Never heard it after I moved away from New England.posted by Koko at 6:51 AM on January 10, 2008 seanyboy has it, and (knowing it won’t do any good) I strongly emphasize that wild-ass guesses are totally useless in answering these questions. A variety of euphemisms (like its contemporaries bail, bill, jam and jet) for ‘run away’ are essential to the argot of gang members and their playground imitators

IA in most jurisdictions is a joke and even if by some miracle they do their job someone higher up the the chain of command or better positioned politically tends to step in and protect cops. As it turned out, the three men were plain-clothed Galveston police officers who had been called to the area regarding three white prostitutes soliciting a white man and a black drug dealer

Berg — 2011 email Previous quotes of the day Sometimes people leave comments designed to offend or outrage the reader, and invoke a firestorm of protest in response. The debunker’s guide to Obama conspiracy theories Quote of the Day False information regarding the eligibility of Obama makes the question into the lack of Constitutional eligibility of Obama serving as our President a laughing stock

Shit – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Whether offense is taken at hearing the word varies greatly according to listener and situation, and is related to age and social class: elderly speakers and those of (or aspiring to) higher socioeconomic strata tend to use it more privately and selectively than younger and more blue-collar speakers. He’s the one to turn to when the shit hits the fan is an indication that the person being talked about is dependable and will not run from trouble or abandon their allies in tough situations

holy shit – Everything2.com

(God shitting? A priest blessing a pile of feces? What kind of heathen bastard would think up such a phrase?! Christ on a crapper, I hope he was ashamed of himself.) While “Holy shit!” is not as versatile as “fuck” or the standalone version of “shit”, the presence of the word “Holy” implies that it isn’t meant to be. In the case that something which poses immediate danger to oneself or those nearby has occured: (A family is having a picnic in a park, when a pride of lions comes rushing at them) Mother: These are mighty good sandwiches, if I do say so myself! Father: Yep yep yep! HOLY SHIT! LIONS! RUN! In the case that something really bad has happened: Person 1: Did you hear? California was just eaten by giant worms! Person 2: Holy shit! That’s horrible! In the case that someone has said something incredibly stupid: Person 1: Look, after what Saddam Hussein did to the World Trade Center, I don’t see how we COULDN’T invade Iraq

Belgium, the single worst swearword in the universe, brought up (appropriately) when the ship crashed into a 15-mile high statue of Arthur Dent Throwing A Cup At The Nutromatic Machine. However, it is worth noting that “Hell” can refer to the place and “damn” can mean condemnation to said place, and thus are not swear words even if such concepts are a little heavy for children

Holy Crap I have Cancer

She made sure I had every single pink item during breast cancer awareness month, she made sure I had eyebrows during my chemo, she was the reason I even finished chemo! She made me my favorite food, which is spinach, eggs sunny side up and mashed potatoes. Should I just trust everyone that they will protect her and look over her like I would? But how could I give up on my own child? A terminal illness is brutal

The Origin of Palin: Holy Shit!

According to the church’s Web site (www.ag.org) it is the largest Pentecostal church in the world, with more than 52 million members, including roughly 3 million in the United States. military’s assaults on Iraq and Afghanistan as “holy wars”; how Sarah Palin prays for these wars to unfold according to “God’s plan”; or how Christian fundamentalists can at one and the same time speak of the “sanctity of life” and yet cheerlead the massacre of millions of innocents

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